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Orthotic Mobility & Gait Analysis

Orthotics, Mobility and Gait Informational page.

Importance & Significance of Mobility

We take the ability to move freely for granted.  We realize when we or someone around us is struggling to move.  To move in ways which once was done easily without thought and care free.

Even the slightest disability impairs our independence and freedom.  Being able to move enhances a person’s ability to interact with others, learn/explore, and earn a living.  This is independence.

For people with the slightest pain in their legs, to people with physical impairments, there are a variety of procedures and devices to provide support, mobility and freedom to be independent.

Conditions: plantar fasciitis, achillies tendonitis, heel pain, fractures, sprains, tendonitis, drop foot, Leg length discrepancy, congenital foot deformities, wide feet, narrow feet, arthritis, ulcers, diabetic foot problems, loss of balance and neuropathy.

What we can do for you

  • Treat and manage the condition to reduce symptoms of pain
  • Improve balance and support to increase mobility and reduce pain
  • Provide properly fitting footwear
  • Help increase stability when walking or performing activities
  • Accommodate special sizes or conditions
  • Provide maximum freedom

The Process

Beginning with our unique in-shoe digital gait analysis and plaster casting technique we can provide the right combination of customized orthotics, bracing devices, and therapy to improve your quality of life by increasing mobility and decreasing pain.

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