Leg, Foot, Ankle Braces

At Step By Step we have a solution for Every Foot and Budget.

Who can we help?

If you or your loved one’s ability to fully enjoy life is affected by mobility issues caused by injury or medical conditions like MS, cerebral palsy or paralysis, come see us at Step by Step. Let us show you how a sophisticated modern leg, ankle or foot brace might help.

A wide range of physical conditions might call for an orthopedic device. Injuries, paralysis, weak muscles and poor skeletal alignment can cause a host of challenges. Any of these or a combination of them can cause instability, painful movement, accident-proneness and/or inefficient movement that can be excessively tiring.

Some patients can benefit from the fitting of an orthopedic device on a temporary basis. Other patients can benefit from a specialized orthotic device for the rest of their lives.

Getting the Perfect Fit

Fitting an orthopedic device can be complex. Modern devices are potentially more helpful than ever but also more specialized. It is essential that the practitioner:

  • Appropriately diagnose the condition
  • Prescribe the correct device for that specific condition
  • Professionally fit the device
  • Follow up as the patient’s body adapts to the orthopedic device

Our specialists are trained to assess each patient’s condition. We are familiar with the full range of orthopedic devices available in the marketplace. We are also expert in continuing care, carefully studying our patients’ response to their device to help manage, monitor and refine the treatment as necessary to bring the maximum benefit.

New Improved Technology for Maximum Mobility?

You may have been examined or fitted before. Perhaps you were told that you could benefit from an foot drop brace device – but you rejected the idea because when you tried the device you found it to be heavy, uncomfortable, clumsy or difficult to move, or just plain ugly.

Modern materials like carbon fiber and plastic polymers combined with computer-assisted design and manufacturing have made the new orthopedic devices lighter-weight than ever. These new devices move smoothly and intuitively. They’re more comfortable than ever. You may even think they look cool, with smooth modern lines, interesting textures and a greater range of colors than ever! In this day and age, there simply is no reason to put up with the many mobility challenges that could be addressed by an orthotic device.

Many people will find that they can benefit from an “ankle-foot orthotic” (AFO). Step by Step has sought out the most advanced AFOs in the world so that we can bring them to our patients here in Belleville.

The ToeOFF AFO from Allard, a major US manufacturer, is made of carbon composites and designed for patients experiencing dorsiflexion weakness. Dorsiflexion is a medical term referring to the upward bending of the foot. Patients experiencing dorsiflexion weakness due to MS, for example, may experience “foot drop” and such patients could benefit from braces for MS patients. The ToeOFF can improve the stability and fluidity of the gait and can make the gait more bilaterally symmetrical because it provides a dynamic response through the full range of the gait cycle.

For those who benefit from more rigid control, we offer the BlueRocker, an AFO that is also manufactured by Allard, and is identical in design appearance to the ToeOff. The BlueRocker is especially helpful for patients with weak quadriceps muscles and those with more involved pathologies.

The Ypsilon, also from Allard, offers dynamic toe-off assistance while allowing natural movement and the greatest comfort possible.

The Dynamic Walk is manufactured by Fillauer, another major US company. The Dynamic Walk is made of ultra light-weight moldable carbon fiber and can also assist with dorsiflexion.